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George Lewis

Cowboy Mounted Shooting

George Lewis is 62 years old and lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  He has worked 40 plus years as a career firefighter.  George is the recipient of the Gold Medal of Valor from Fairfax County Fire and Rescue. He is also the recipient of 2 National awards from the “Higgins and Langley” national committee.  He is a Swiftwater Rescue Instructor that has taught swiftwater/flood rescue, swiftwater/flood boat operator and high angle rope resuce all over the country.  He also has a boarding and training facility at his home known as “Deerfield Farm”.

George started his Mounted Shooting career in 2014.  8 years and 2 horses later, he is now a Senior Men’s 4.  For the past 4 years, he has been the president of Virginia’s shooting club, “1st Virginia CMSA.  George competes in the pistol, rifle and shotgun classes using his Taylor Running Irons and Running Comanchero rifle.

Notable Highlights:

    • 2015 Virginia Men’s 2 High point
    • 2018 North Carolina Men’s 2 High point
    • 2019 Virginia Men’s 3 High point
    • 2019 Virginia Limited Shotgun High point
    • 2019 North Carolina Men’s 3 High point
    • 2020 Florida State Championship Limited Rifle Champion
    • 2020 Appalachian Mountian National SM3 Champion
    • 2020 Appalachian Mountian National Limited Rifle Champion
    • 2020 Appalachian Mountian National Limited Senior Incentive Champion
    • 2021 Virginia SM4 High point
    • 2022 Virginia Senior Men’s High point
    • 2022 Virginia Overall High point