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BLACK POWDER: When shooting with black powder or black powder blanks the gun should be fully disassembled and cleaned immediately after use to avoid corrosion. Disassemble the firearm and use a black powder solvent such as our Turkey Track or hot soapy water with a cleaning brush to remove the residue from the gun. Sometimes soaking parts may be required to remove stubborn build up, however extensive soaking of parts with black powder residue can damage finishes such as bluing. Once the gun is clean, all the parts must be dried and oiled prior to storing the firearm. When storing the gun for long periods of time we recommend removing the nipples from the cylinder or coating the treads with an Anti-Seize Lube which we offer to prevent them from becoming stuck later. If a nipple does become stuck in the cylinder we recommend soaking it with an agent like Break Free to loosen it. 


GENERAL FIREARM CARE FOR BLUED FINISH: For a complete firearm cleaning we suggest a general purpose firearm solvent or hot soapy water.  Appropriate cleaning brushes will aid in removing residue from the gun.  Taylor's cleaning brush sets typically include the following: a nylon brush for removing standard fouling from any parts; a bronze brush to remove heavier fouling in the barrel bore; and a cotton swab brush for minimal cleaning in the barrel bore or cylinder chambers. It is important to be sure your parts are dry and any surface dirt has been removed. Prior to storage, oiling the firearm prevents possible surface rust from any hand salts or moist climate conditions. 


WHITE HEAT-TREATED, CASE COLORED, ANTIQUE, PARKERIZED, AND ENGRAVED FINISH: When shooting with smokeless powder ammunition, these require the same maintenance process as blued finish gun shown above. 


BLACK ROCK FINISH: This special finish is permanently bonded to the steel of the firearm and reduces the ability of black powder residue to adhere to the gun. A quick cleaning can be done with a bronze brush to remove any build up. When storing the firearm follow general firearm care or black powder cleaning instructions in accordance with the ammunition type used. 


STAINLESS STEEL FINISH: Although more resistant to rust, this finish still requires the general firearms care or black powder cleaning instructions to be followed in accordance with the ammunition type used. 


BRASS: Use Flitz or Never Dull to clean your brass parts. Brasso may harm the overall finish on your brass parts. 


COIN HARDENED, NICKEL, GOLD, SILVER, CERAKOTE, AND CHROME PLATING: Only use a cleaner or oil that specifically states "safe for plated finishes". Any other products can damage the finish on your gun.


CHARCOAL BLUE FINISH: A very delicate finish which is over-oxidized bluing; handling, shooting, and cleaning the firearm finish will cause the gun to patina out to an antique grey color. To extend the life of this finish wipe the gun down after handling and use oil prior to storing the gun. 


VARNISHED WOOD: Stocks or grips can be polished safely with household wood polishers such as Pledge. If more thorough cleaning needs to be done we recommend a mild soap like Dawn.


OILED WOOD: Non-varnished wood on stocks or grips with dirt or residue require a gentle wipe off with a soft cloth. Use of cleaners or water could affect your stain color on the wood.


WHAT DO I DO IF I HAVE DAMAGE ON A SHIPMENT FROM TAYLOR'S? Inspection and reporting to Taylor's must be done withing 5 business days of receipt of your parcel. Contact our customer service department by email at or by phone 540-722-2017. The following information will be requested from you: serial number (if you received a firearm), order/invoice number from your paperwork, and your daytime contact information. The exterior/interior packaging must be saved and photos will be required. A claim will be filed with the freight forwarder and once the claim is processed by their company we will advise you of their directions on handling your damaged item.


WHAT IS THE RETURN POLICY/PROCESS FOR FIREARMS? Inspection and reporting to Taylor's must be done withing 5 business days of receipt of your parcel if shipped directly from Taylor's. Once a firearm has been purchased and registered by the initial retail consumer, the firearm is then considered "sold". Taylor's considers all sold firearms as final sale transactions and these firearms cannot be returned. If an FFL dealer receives a Taylor's firearm from distribution and discovers an issue with it before the firearm has been "sold" to the initial retail consumer then they are to notify Taylor's immediately and no later than 5 days after delivery. Shipping damage is not covered under our warranty policy and the FFL dealer is required to contact the distributor from which the firearm shipped directly to their location to file claims for shipping damage. If the retail consumer completes the purchase of the firearm shipped to the FFL dealer, Taylor's considers the firearm accepted in the condition it was delivered to the FFL dealer and will not accept claims after the sale is completed. Taylor's inspects every firearm individually before shipment and requires all FFL dealers & retail consumers to inspect any Taylor's firearms they receive from distribution before completing any sale. This policy applies to any superficial issues such as external/internal components missing and overall finish flaws/damages. This policy does not apply to firearm malfunctions as those fall under the Warranty policy. If an FFL dealer notifies Taylor's of an issue with a firearm received and Taylor's determines the claim is valid, then Taylor's will follow the Warranty policy to resolve the issue. 



WHAT IS THE RETURN POLICY/PROCESS FOR PARTS & ACCESSORIES? If you are requesting a refund it must be done within 30 days of your invoice date. Contact our customer service department by email at or by phone 540-722-2017 for a return authorization. A 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your refund if the return is not Taylor's fault, such as a wrong part was ordered. The original shipping charges of your parcel can not be refunded. Items returned that are altered, abused, or not in new condition will not be accepted and cannot be returned to you at Taylor's expense. Taylor's recommends insuring your return parcel for the replacement value of the items included as you will be responsible to get the parcel back to us. Accepted shipping methods include USPS, UPS, or Fedex to the following address: Taylor's & Co Inc, 304 Lenoir Drive, Winchester, VA 22603. 



Most malfunctions are often caused by ammunition quality issues. Inexpensive ammunition, some blanks, and jacketed rounds can cause feeding problems if not manufactured to SAAMI ammo specifications. Taylor's only recommends factory lead bullet ammunition be used in most of our firearms. Reloading advice will not be supplied by Taylor's, please refer to a loading manual. Gunsmith instructions are very specific to a situation and due to many variables cannot be provided by phone. If your Taylor's gun needs repair you can contact us at 540-722-2017 for an authorization to send in your firearm and we will request the following information: your serial number, the date you purchased your firearm, and the brand/kind of ammunition you were using. We may request photos by email. All firearms sent in must include a written description of the issue to be repaired and personal contact information. Taylor's is proud to offer outstanding service on our firearms. We operate a full gunsmith repair facility for warranty problems and other customer needs. We stock a large spare parts inventory for the majority of our firearms for your service or spare part needs.




Upon the sale of a firearm to the initial retail consumer Taylor's upholds a year manufacturers' warranty to cover any nonperforming or defective firearm. Retail consumers are to notify Taylor's upon discovery of any issues with their firearm and must be willing to provide Taylor's with the firearm serial number, proof of purchase, photos/video of the issue, as well as the brand and type of ammunition used. If Taylor's determines that a firearm issue satisfies the conditions for warranty coverage Taylor's will proceed to process the firearm for warranty repair and/or replacement at Taylor's sole discretion. Repairs are to be handled directly by Taylor's gunsmiths; and any repairs handled by any others will void the warranty. The warranty extends to any and all parts of the firearm as originally sold by Taylor’s but does not extend to any firearm that is altered, damaged through abuse, misuse, lack of proper maintenance and care, or fired with improper or faulty ammunition. If a firearm cannot be repaired Taylor's will replace the firearm with a new firearm of the same model. If a same model firearm cannot be supplied for replacement, then Taylor's will offer exchange for another firearm of equal or lesser value at the customer's preference. Firearms sent to Taylor's for warranty require pre-approval from Taylor's and any unapproved firearms will be refused at the sender's expense. All firearms sent to Taylor's are required to contain a repair request form provided by Taylor's to be included in the box. 

Taylor's has warranty and return policies in place, however along with these policies Taylor's always strives to make sure any customer service issue is handled with the customer's satisfaction as the priority. If you are having any issues with firearms purchased from Taylor's we always recommend to call us as we are happy to help in any way we can, even if your firearm is no longer under warranty.




A pre-authorization is required prior to returning your firearm for repair, contact customer service at 540-722-2017. A letter must be included with your personal contact information and a note describing the problem you are experiencing with any pertinent details for the gunsmith. Make sure your gun is clean, unloaded, put it in a plastic bag to avoid damage from shipment and pack it in the original box if available. An exterior box must be used as the original packaging will not provide the proper protection for the gun during shipment; any shipment damage inbound to us will be your responsibility. If using a gun rug or gun case this also must be in an exterior box for shipment.  We recommend you insure your parcel for the replacement cost of the firearm. If you experience any issues shipping your firearm to us at "over the counter" locations please contact us and we can help you obtain a shipping label. Firearms parcels are to be shipped by UPS and Fedex only to the following address: Taylor's & Co Inc, Attention: Service Department, 304 Lenoir Drive, Winchester, VA 22603.

If the gunsmith determines your firearm problem is due to non-warranty cause or the gun is past the warranty period, Taylor’s will contact you for authorization for the repair.  Payment may be made over the phone by Visa or Mastercard for those services. 

Only black powder or manufactured substitutions such as Pyrodex are recommended to be used in your firearm. Other powders can cause damage to the firearm and possible injury to the shooter or others standing by. Actual black powder has specific grains for various types of shooting: Fg is canon powder, FFg is for percussion rifles, FFFg is used in percussion revolvers, and FFFFg is used for priming flintlock guns. Load recommendations are specific by caliber and firearm, please refer to the manufacturer's manual included with your firearm or the manuals on our website in accordance with your gun caliber.




In the first photo : capital letters in a box signify the year your gun was manufactured, the last two star-PN and star-shield marks are standard proof marks for any gun made in Italy since 1951.


In the second photo: the first two star-PN and star-shield marks are standard proof marks for any gun made in Italy since 1951, Roman numerals signify the year your gun was manufactured.



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