Taylor Tuned: What You Need to Know

Tammy Loy | News May 15, 2017

Have you shot a gun that felt clunky? A pleasant shooting experience doesn’t come from a long, heavy trigger and hammer pull. You want a gun that feels great right out of the box and will keep going for generations—especially when it comes to your favorite western reproductions.

It’s a great feeling to pass down a cherished pistol to your next generation and know its as finely tuned as the day it entered your hands. With a Taylor Tuned type of pistol, you can have that experience!

What is “Taylor Tuned?”

Whenever you see an option for Taylor Tuned or Deluxe Edition on the Taylor’s and Company website, you can upgrade the gun to feature an experience you won’t find in other guns. ‘Taylor Tuned’ means your gun will be polished and precisely adjusted by our gunsmiths in Winchester, Va. It’s a must-have solution for any dedicated shooter who wants a replica pistol he or she will cherish for decades.

What Upgrades Are Included?

So what specifically gets upgraded with Taylor Tuned? Our gunsmiths will carefully dismantle the gun and upgrade it by hand-polishing each part, lightening the hammer and adjusting the trigger pull with custom springs. You’ll end up with one hell of a smooth gun and a steady, three-pound trigger pull for one of the best pistols you’re likely to find on the market.

Why Get Taylor Tuned?

If you’re buying a firearm you want to keep running unbelievably smooth for a lifetime, then you want to get it tuned. It’s a perfect fit for competitors and dedicated shooters, but anyone can appreciate a well-tuned, alluring single action revolver.

The clean-pulling hammer and light, fluid trigger will help you avoid jerking the gun around and subsequently improve accuracy. Your potential for speed and precise shooting increases immensely and lasts for years to come.

Get Tuned

For a gun you want to appreciate, there’s not a better option available than one that’s been Taylor Tuned. You’ll have one of the smoothest, best-fit guns on the market, and it all happens before it reaches your hands. This combination makes for an outstanding, enjoyable out-of-the-box experience.