The Smoke Wagon Series: What You Need to Know

Tammy Loy | News May 15, 2017

Any fan of the Old West era probably has an itch to get his or her hands on a stagecoach-style revolver for sale. Such a fan needs to take a look at the Taylor’s & Company Smoke Wagon.

It’s a good-looking, smooth-shooting revolver replica that comes in a few different flavors. While it leans older on style, it’s up to speed on modern-day performance standards.

So what makes the Smoke Wagon a western wonder?

The Look

Smoke Wagon pistols are second-generation, stagecoach-style, single-action revolvers. They have wider-style sights for quick acquisition. Fine details complement the blue and case-hardened finish which give the Smoke Wagon a sleek, distinguished look.

The Trigger Pull

You can also get the Smoke Wagon in a Taylor Tuned (deluxe-edition) model. The deluxe models come fine-tuned with a custom hammer and base pin springs; a trigger pull set at three pounds; jig-cut, positive angles on the trigger and sear for smooth, reliable action; and a wire bolt spring. Add all that up, and you have one of the smoothest hammer and trigger pulls on the market.

Gunfighter Grip

One popular option for the Smoke Wagon is the Gunfighter grip. This is perfect for shooters that prefer a larger, Army style Gunfighter grip. It’s slightly longer than the standard single-action Navy style grip. The Gunfighter gives someone with larger hands the ability to get their pinky on the grip of the revolver for a better hold.

The Caliber Options

The series features three different calibers: 357 Mag, .45 Long Colt and .44-40. In addition, Smoke Wagon fans can choose from three different barrel-length options: 3.5”, 4.75” and 5.5”.

How to Buy (Entry-Level)

If this is your first western-style reproduction revolver (or first firearm period), it might be best to go with the a standard Smoke Wagon in .357 Magnum. See how you like it, and, when you fall in love with it, you can have our gunsmiths give it a once-over with Taylor Tuned. And going with .357 Mag gives you better ammo availability and trusted performance at a decent price.

How to Buy (Experienced)

Experienced revolver shooters should look toward deluxe-edition Smoke Wagons in their preferred caliber. It comes with all the fine-tuning and upgrades needed for casual target shooting or for serious competition.

Take a look some of the available options: