1858 Remington Black Rock Finish

Ryan Hodges | News Nov 09, 2017

While Colt’s earlier models of percussion revolvers were making their way across the American West, one manufacturer would produce an equally impressive firearm that would rival Colt’s products. E. Remington & Sons of Ilion, New York arrived on the firearms manufacturing scene just a few years before the Civil War broke out. The demand for arms brought by this conflict led Remington to produce several models of percussion handguns and long guns. One model in particular would be easily recognized on both the battlefield and on the frontier.

Remington produced a few different handgun models, beginning in 1857, but it would not be until 1863 that the New Model Army Revolver would be introduced. The design for this model was patented in 1858, and it was a direct competitor for Colt’s 1860 Army revolver. Remington’s New Model Army was a .44 caliber, six-shot percussion revolver, with an 8” octagonal barrel. Distinct features of this pistol are the solid-frame top strap design, the removable cylinder pin, and the safety notches cut on the cylinder shoulders between the nipples. All of these features on the New Model Army led to a reliable pistol that was incredibly strong, could be reloaded quickly (with a trained soldier and pre-charged spare cylinder), and carried safely with six chambers loaded. It would be one of the major handguns used during the Civil War, and its popularity carried it over to being used by many folks in the American West. Most famously, frontier showman William F. ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody lauded the tough .44 revolver as a dependable piece, stating “It never failed me.”

While Buffalo Bill was proud of his Remington, he would have more than likely enjoyed the advantage that certain modern applications can provide on the time-tested New Model Army. Taylor’s & Co. offers the Uberti 1858 New Model Army .44 caliber percussion revolver in the tough-as-nails ‘Black Rock’ finish. This is a carbon-nitride finish that is applied to the gun and its action components, which makes the external and internal parts extremely resistant to abrasion and corrosion. This lets shooters go longer between cleanings, makes it easier to maintain, and keeps the gun looking good as new. The 1858 New Model Army features the traditional 8” barrel, and .44 caliber six-shot configuration. If the original was good enough for Buffalo Bill Cody, you can bet the 1858 Black Rock Remington revolver will be just what you want to be shooting. For more information call us at 540-722-2017 or e-mail us at info@taylorsfirearms.com.

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