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Taylor's & Company is proud to endorse these fine competitors:

Kathy Hollmann aka "Morning Dove"

Kathy Hollmann Kathy’s shooting career began at the age of 2 when she began practicing with her older brothers and father.  Growing up on a rural New Mexico ranch, Kathy started riding horses on her own at the age of 3.  When she was just 7 years old, Kathy joined her family as a competitor in local SASS Cowboy Action Shooting matches.  Working cattle on a remote ranch at the age of 8, Kathy learned to ride in rough mountainous terrain.  When she was 10, Kathy put her two passions (riding and shooting) together and began competing in Cowboy Mounted Shooting with both SASS and CMSA.

Now at the age of 18, Kathy has won the SASS Ladies World Champion buckle three times. In 2008 (age 14), 2010 (age 16) and 2011(age 17).  As the SASS 2010 Overall World Champion, she is one of just three women who have won overall World Champion titles in the sport of mounted shooting.  At the SASS 2011 World Championship, in addition to winning the Ladies World Champion title, Kathy combined her Mounted Shooting and Action Shooting skill to win the World Champion “All Around Cowboy” title. 

  • Kathy is the 2011 CMSA New Mexico Overall State Champion, and CMSA’s 2011 Arizona Mounted Rifle Champion.

  • Kathy has placed in the top 5 during the CMSA 2008 Ladies Pro Class, and the 2009, 2010, & 2011 Ladies Colt Eliminator World Championship events.

  • Also, Kathy placed in the Main Match Top Ten (#8) at the CMSA 2011 World Championship

Having used Taylor’s & Company firearms since her early action shooting years, Kathy is now enjoying great success with her Runnin’ Irons and Runnin’ Comanchero.

Denny Chapman

Denny ChapmanDenny Chapman is a level 6 professional Mounted Shooting Competitor, Trainer and Clinician with more than 20 years in the horse industry and 15 years in Mounted Shooting. He is a graduate of Murray State University's Public Relations program and holds a degree in Journalism/Radio-TV with an Equine Science Minor. 

He is easily recognized in the sport of Mounted Shooting as a competitor, announcer, and clinician, and has won titles in CMSA, MSA, CSA and SASS, including a World Championship in SASS All-Around (Mounted & Cowboy Action Shooting). Denny has also competed within the ranks of the American Quarter Horse Association, the National Reining Horse Association, the World Foundation Quarter Horse Association, and the United States Team Roping Championships.

Denny has been featured on the History Channel's popular television series "Top Shot", as well as in numerous television and radio commercials, horse and western-lifestyle magazines, promotional videos and various other media productions.

Denny currently runs a full-time Mounted Shooting training facility in the Southeastern United States and is acheiving his status using Taylor's Runnin' Irons and Runnin' Comanchero rifle. 



Deke Rivers

Deke Rivers Wild West performer, Deke Rivers, is a third generation entertainer sporting the cowboy era. Growing up backstage of rodeo, motion picture and stage productions, he knew from an early age that he loved everything ‘Wild West’ and that he would make his mark on the world with a sixgun.

Fast forward thirty-some years and you'll see he's doing just that! Not only is he an N.R.A instructor, Wild West showman, exhibition and competition shooter; he is also a stuntman, animal wrangler and instructor in the Wild West arts.

Using his gunsmith talents, Deke has collaborated with champion mounted shooters, Taylor's & Co., and Uberti to design a series of mounted shooting firearms that are competition ready right out of the box! The Runnin' Iron, Runnin' Iron Revolving Carbine, and the Runnin' Comanchero Rifle.

Deke has a name, a Wild West flare, and a vast knowledge of these firearms that has earned him several sponsors from some of the best equipment in the business. Taylor's & Co. is proud to present "The Pistolero", Deke Rivers.