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How do I care for my Taylor's gun?
Always wipe down your gun with gun oil sold at many retail outlets.  Use Flitz or Never Dull to clean brass.  Do not use Brasso.  If your firearm gets damp from wet weather or other conditions, be sure to wipe it down, dry it, and oil it before storage. For total firearm cleaning normal firearm cleaning procdures are to be followed accoriding to the varying metal or material components included on your firearm. After firing Black Powder or Black Powder blanks through any firearm, it should be cleaned immediately after use to avoid corrosion. To clean black powder a black powder specific solvent or hot soapy water can be used. For black powder percussion firearms Taylor's recommends storing the nipples separately from the firearm during long storage periods to avoid a stuck nipple later on. 
What do I do if my firearm malfunctions?
Contact our customer service department between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST Monday thru Friday or email Taylor’s is pleased to offer astounding service on our firearms and we operate a full gunsmith repair facility for warranty problems and other customer needs. We also stock a full line of spare parts for most of our firearms.

Where do I send my gun for warranty repair service and how should I ship it?
Before returning any gun for warranty repair service, you must obtain a return authorization number from our customer service department. To obtain a return authorization number, contact our customer service department at 540-722-2017 from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

When shipping the firearm place it in the original box. If you do not have the original box, ship the revolver in a gun case which will be returned to you upon completion of the work.  Use an external box or carton for shipping – Do not ship the gun in the original box without enclosing it in a separate container as this will result in shipping damage! Enclose a detailed letter in the box, describing the problem. Be sure to include your name, address, and a daytime phone number. If a note with your issue and contact information is not enclosed your firearm could be shipped back to you at your expense. Taylor’s does recommend insuring the package for the replacement value of the firearm.  Ship the package to the address below. 

Taylor’s & Co.
Attn: Service Department

304 Lenoir Drive
Winchester, VA 22603

What if my repair is not covered under warranty?
If your repair is determined by our gunsmith to be non-warranty, Taylor’s will contact you with the cost of the repair for your authorization.  Payment may be made by credit card (we accept MasterCard or Visa only).

What kind of black powder can I use?
Only black powder or Pyrodex should be used with your firearm. Use of any other powder can cause damage to the firearm and possible injury to the shooter.


How do I read the proof marks on my Italian made gun?

In the first photo : capital letters in a box signify the year your gun was manufactured, the last two star-PN and star-shield marks are standard proof marks for any gun made in Italy since 1951.


In the second photo: the first two star-PN and star-shield marks are standard proof marks for any gun made in Italy since 1951, Roman numerals signify the year your gun was manufactured.


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